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Did Penn Badgley Have a Nose Job? Check Out His Before and After Photos!

By Bridgette Dane on February 19, 2023
Did Penn Badgley Have a Nose Job? Check Out His Before and After Photos!

Although Penn Badgley has never confirmed or denied rumors about his plastic surgery, fans have suspected that he had a nose job. The actor has always kept his personal life private, so it's no surprise that he hasn't commented on rumors about his nose. However, there is some evidence that Penn Badgley may have had a nose job at some point to have a perfect nose.

If you liked the CW's teen drama Gossip Girl, chances are you like Penn Badgley as well. From 2007 to 2012, he portrayed Lonely Boy Daniel Humphrey in the hit drama series. While Gossip Girl is undeniably one of his most notable roles to date, he also plays Joe Goldberg in the hugely popular Netflix series You. He received six Teen Choice Award nominations for Gossip Girl, and he received MTV Movie & TV Award and Saturn Award nominations for You. Likewise, he has been a fan favorite since his role in You.

Penn Badgley's career as an American actor/musician began in the 1990s when he landed a number of significant roles in television series and films. His involvement in television has continued to this day. This is how his name became well-known in the entertainment industry. However, fame imposes additional pressure on him to put forth his best effort in terms of appearance. Badgley's nose job issue surfaces after a significant change in his appearance. Did he have a nose job? Here's what we know so far.

Penn Badgley Probably Had a Nose Job Because He Appears Noticeably Different in Old Photos Than He Does Today

Penn Badgley (@pennbadgley) already has a handsome face, and the only thing that bothered him was the shape of his nose, which we could see since his childhood, with a thick nose bridge, and a large bottom area. This is not a flattering shape for an actor's face, especially since the nose is such an important part of one's overall appearance. As a result, individuals in the entertainment industry frequently alter the shape of their noses.

There is some evidence, however, that he may have had a nose job at some point. For one thing, Badgley's nose appears noticeably different in old photos than it does today. Furthermore, plastic surgery experts have stated that Penn's nose appears narrower and more refined than it did when he was younger. Of course, it's not possible that his nose has changed simply because he's gotten older. However, rumors about his nose job persist, and only Badgley knows whether or not he's had surgery.

The You star's nose shape has become more sculptured. The pointy tip completes his transformation. Some fans may be concerned that the procedure will go wrong, resulting in an ugly nose. If the actor receives a poor outcome, it may jeopardize his career. That is why their fans oppose any surgery on their idol. Fortunately for Penn Badgley, the nose job was extremely well, and he achieved all of the desired results from his surgery. Furthermore, the change has an impact on his overall appearance because his newly sculpted nose makes him appear much more attractive.

Meet Penn Badgley’s Wife Domino Kirke

Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke are madly in love and they welcomed their first child in August 2020. Their relationship is far healthier than his onscreen character in You. The couple has been together since they first met in 2014. Most recently, Kirke shared a throwback photo from the day she and Badgley married, about a month before their sixth wedding anniversary. Kirke smiled for the camera as she stood next to Penn in the photograph.

Badgley and Kirke were so in love that they married twice. On February 27, 2017, Badgley and Kirke were legally married in an intimate courthouse ceremony in Brooklyn, New York. Kirke wore a short white lace gown, while Badgley wore a navy blue suit. They celebrated with close friends and family at Brooklyn's Maison-May, a French-American restaurant. The couple also had a second larger outdoor wedding in upstate New York on June 24, 2017. Numerous family and friends attended the event, including celebrity pals Mariska Hargitay, Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, and Debra Messing.

Domino Kirke, who was born in London, comes from a famous and fascinating family. Jemima Kirke and Lola Kirke, her younger sisters, are both actresses. She studied classical voice and piano at New York's LaGuardia High School, following in the footsteps of her father, Simon Kirke, drummer for British rock bands Bad Company and Free. Penn Badgley's wife turned that experience into a professional career, which included being in the band DOMINO. She is passionate about pregnancy in addition to music. Carriage House Birth, which she co-founded with Samantha Huggins and Lindsey Bliss, is a professional doula service that has worked with celebrities such as Amy Schumer.