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Phil Gould’s Weight Loss Is Being Correlated to Rumors of Dementia- Here’s the Full Story

By Ethan Young on March 18, 2023
Phil Gould’s Weight Loss: Losing Almost 10 KG Weight, Fans Speculate Signs of Dementia

Phil Gould shocked his fans with his weight loss after appearing in Channel 9's NRL season launch. Gould has previously faced backlash for his weight gain and is currently involved in the NRL concussion debate after making comments. He is said to have lost more than 10 kg after changing his diet and exercising, which is still unknown and remains to be unanswered by Gould. 

Phil Gould aka Gus, is an Australian rugby league broadcaster, journalist, administrator, and formerly a player and coach. He was born on 24 January 1958 in Sydney, New South Wales to Australian parents. He completed his schooling in his hometown and was interested in sports since his school days.

In the beginning, Gus used to play junior rugby league with Wentworthville Magpies as an interest which later became his goal. He was ranked at Penrith in 1976, which helps him to spend two years in lesser grades before becoming a regular first-grader in 1979. Gould started showing his appearances in many games until the 1979 season.

The 1979 season saw the start of Gould's health problems, which kept him out for most of 1980 and reoccurred later in his career. Gould, in particular, experienced an eye injury that raised the possibility of retinal separation. He made 103 first-grade appearances across four clubs throughout his playing career.

After being well-known in rugby, Gould began his coaching career in 1988, winning two premierships with Canterbury in 1988 and Penrith in 1991, as well as losing a Grand Final with Penrith in 1990. He began to gain popularity as the top coach, which led to his hiring as coach of New South Wales in the State of Origin series. He is currently the most successful coach in New South Wales.

Phil Gould has been in facing backlash after making comments on the NRL concussion debate. Many people are curious about his health and weight loss journey after hearing the news. This article will cover his physical transformation as well as some of his personal life. Read on to learn more.

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Phil Gould's Weight Loss: Gould Remembers His Father’s Suffering After Seeing Mario Fenech Struggling With Dementia!

Phil Gould's (@PhilGould15) weight loss had been shocking news for all his NRL fans after his appearances in Channel 9's NRL season launch. After experiencing numerous ups and downs, it currently appears that New South Wales' successful coach is content with his life. He didn't conform to how much weight he lost, but many are curious about his diet and fitness routine.

Recently, Gould called the introduction of the independent doctor, the worst horror done to our game in history, after an opening round in which many matches were dominated by controversial HIA decisions. Since then, he has been criticized by his followers.

Besides this, NRL fans have also been talking about Phil Gould's weight lately, as he stunned them with his transformation when he turned out for Channel 9's NRL season to launch. When he was on the stage to field questions from host James Bracey about the upcoming season, he looked fit and in a shape where everyone couldn't deny the fact of his transformation is favoring him.

Early in his career, Gould had various health issues and was post-retired, which caused him to gain weight. At that time, he was similar to the Mr. Squiggle character, he was given the nickname Gus after gaining weight. After that, he had many fluctuations in his weight.

After being criticized for his wealthy appearances for a long time, Phil has finally been an inspiration to many of his fans for trying hard to maintain his shape. At the Channel 9 launch, Gould was also asked about his weight, Who is this?, How about Slim Gould? But, Gould did not answer and preferred to remain silent.

Well, the question remained unanswered, and many of the fans suspect that he might have some issues regarding health like his father, which led him to be motivated to be on a diet. Later in 2022, when Phil explained about his father's death, which remained after his friend Mario Fenech was struggling with dementia, he was seen helping as a loyal friend. He also expressed his feelings on Twitter:

From first diagnosis to his passing, it took about eight years. A terrible time. Plus the toll it took on my mother and family, both then and since. It’s a terrible disease. I feel for his family as much as Mario

It seems like the fans might have worried more about the coach, as he had faced many ups and downs in his life. From suffering an eye injury to breaking his ankle, Gould has always tried his best as a player, but it seems like his luck was not always in his favor.