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Lana Lagomarsini of Netflix’s Pressure Cooker Is Not Trans!

By Bridgette Dane on January 15, 2023
Is Lana Lagomarsini of Netflix’s Pressure Cooker Trans? Be the First to Know All About the Cooking Titan!

Lana Lagomarsini, one of the contestants of Netflix Pressure Cooker, does not seem to be transgender. While many Reddit users are unsure about her gender, the 32-year-old chef has yet to address if she ever was a man. Hence, we're compelled to believe she is straight until Lana herself addresses the rumors. 

There is no shortage of cooking competitions that follow a somewhat similar format and pattern — a group of chefs preparing dishes to the best of their abilities to present to the show's judges, who decide whether or not they advance to the next round. What if we told you there's a cooking show that takes a different approach to the traditional format? Pressure Cooker, a Netflix original series, brings together eleven professional chefs who must use their culinary skills and compete in a cooking competition while living under one roof.

The chefs must use strategic plays because they are the ones who judge each other's dishes, which distinguishes this show from the rest of the cooking shows. Thus, in order to win the $100,000 grand prize, they must do more than just cook delicious food.

Many viewers are looking for answers to their questions about the show, characters, and cast members. One of them is about Lana Lagomarsini's gender. Some fans, especially Reddit users, are wondering if the talented chef is transgender. Here's everything we know about Lana Lagomarsini, including her sexual orientation.

Pressure Cooker's Lana Lagomarsini Does Not Seem to Be Transgender!

Lana Lagomarsini (@lana_cooks) may have seemed romantic and discussed her devotion in Netflix's Pressure Cooker. In reality, she is the polar opposite and keeps her romantic life hidden. There is no information available about her boyfriend or whether she has been married. Even reporters have had difficulty obtaining much of her personal information. However, due to her masculine physique and deeper voice, there have been rumors that the chef is transgender in real life. Well, she isn't.

A trans woman, also known as a transgender woman, is a woman who was born with the gender of a man. Trans women have a female gender identity, may experience gender dysphoria, and may transition; this process commonly includes hormone replacement therapy and, in some cases, sex reassignment surgery, both of which can provide relief and resolution of feelings of gender dysphoria. Trans women, like cisgender women, can be of any sexual orientation.

And many viewers aren't convinced by the fact that she didn't really clarify anything regarding her sexuality. Obviously, many viewers, including ourselves, really thought about her being a man. Unfortunately, Lana never addressed anything about her gender.

Lana Lagomarsini has always loved more than one culture, and food was a constant in her childhood. However, she did not begin her cooking career until she received her associate's degree from the Culinary Institute of America in 2016.

Her first job at Daniel was as a chef de partie from Jan 2017 to Jun 2018. She then worked as a line cook at Momofuku for 11 months before becoming a sous chef at Mokum. Lana then worked as a chef de partie at Charlie Bird from October 2019 to March 2020 before launching her own company, Lana Cooks, in August 2019.

At Lana Cooks, the star provides cooking services for dining events all over New York. She is inspired by the farm-to-table movement, which emphasizes seasonal ingredients and emphasizes flavor as the most important aspect of food.

While there are many grounds for speculating about Lana Lagomarsini's gender identity, there is no evidence to support it. We'll have to wait until the 32-year-old chef reveals her sexual orientation. We can only assume she is not a man and straight until then. We'll get back to you as soon as we get any updates.

Lana Lagomarsini’s Journey on Pressure Cooker

When Netflix's Pressure Cooker debuted on January 6, 2023, everyone knew it would be more than just another cooking show. Instead of cooking to impress a panel of celebrity judges, the chefs were judging each other! This also meant that the contestants were encouraged to strategize and form alliances in addition to cooking their best! But we had no idea the show would turn this nasty.

Lana Lagomarsini, one of the show's top contenders, was eliminated in the fifth episode not because her food wasn't good enough, but because the rest of her team, excluding Lagomarsini, decided in a meeting not to vote each other out. Lagomarsini, in fact, prepared good food, according to personal remarks left in a notebook by guests.

For those who missed the drama, in an episode 4 challenge, the remaining chefs were divided into four-person teams and tasked with preparing a seasonal dish for their families and friends. As a result, the blue team won the competition by eight votes out of a total of eleven.

Lana, Jeana, Caroline, and Sergei (@carolinevgutierrez) were on the losing team and were then asked to remove one contestant, who was obviously Lana. Everyone thought Jeana should be nominated because she did less work. However, Jeana reminded Sergei that she assisted him with his final dish which helped them with some votes, and everyone ultimately voted for the talented chef.