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Ruth E Carter’s Magic Hands Led Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to Win Best Costume in Oscars 2023

By Riley Long on March 18, 2023
Ruth E Carter Makes History With Best Costume Design in Oscars 2023 for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The 95th Academy awards saw some incredible moments! From making history to having some controversial moments, Oscars 2023 is all that's been talked about. While there have been some expected as well as unexpected wins and losses, the underdog of all, Ruth E Carter made history by becoming the first black woman to win multiple Oscars. This time it's for her incredible designs for Marvel's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Capturing the stories of her culture and community and conveying them into an incredible form of art, Ruth's costumes in the movie added a pinch of magic. As she says being a costume designer is also being a psychologist and art director. Carter's designs for Black Panther have created an incredible craze among fans, but above it, they represent stories and art of tribes who live deep in the unknown.

Ruth E Carter’s Designs for Black Panther Began From Blanket- The Art, the Tribes and Their History!

Exploring South Africa, Ruth Carter, and her team stumbled upon a tribe whose identity was beautiful vibrant blankets. Using this, Carter's notion of making a Vibranium shield blanket with tribal prints on them for the Border tribe of Black Panther came to life.

Taking the same approach to all of her creations, the Oscar-winning designer has made sure her art not just pleases the eyes but also tells a story. The glorified artist mixes and celebrates traditional and contemporary African designs which got the movie its visual reputation.

As Ruth scoured the highs and lows of Africa for the garments, she came across a number of gifted craftsmen with whom she worked to create the incredible pieces in the movie. Educating herself about the various ethnic groups across the African continent, the designs in the Marvel hit have their own unique essence in that regard.

Watch: Ruth Carter accepts the Oscar for Best Costume Design in Black Panther


The 62-years fashion pioneer has devised a story of the people and the deeper meaning behind them through the art of fashion. Ruth Carter successfully bagged the title of being the first African-American costume designer to ever win an Oscar.

Whether it's the intricate design in the Black Panther's suit, the details in Dora Milaje's uniform, or the jewelry pieces worn by Queen Romanda, Carter made sure to incorporate tale into every piece. This inevitably brought light into the cultural preservation and a hit fashion trend among the fans as well.

Ruth undoubtedly played the most prominent role in making the Marvel Superhero the African King he is known as today. Not just that, but having to design costumes for the Talocans in Wakanda Forever, was a big challenge. Nevertheless, Carter was able to capture the history and beauty of the Mayans. The art inspiration for the underwater clan was extracted from pottery, hieroglyphics, and museum arts.

Speaking history, art, and representation through her designs, Ruth E Carter is truly deserving of the award and the title she has received. She has worked on numerous other projects like Mo Better Blues, What's Love Got to Do With It, I Spy, and many more.

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