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Sam Hunt Is Being Ridiculed Online for Cheating on His Pregnant Wife!

By Liam Scott on December 5, 2022
Sam Hunt Cheating: Uncover the Infuriating Truth Behind Hunt Cheating On His Pregnant Wife

When Sam Hunt's pregnant wife Hannah Lee Fowler filed for divorce and claimed the singer of cheating, their tumultuous marriage came to an end. After nearly five years of marriage, Sam Hunt and his expectant wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, reportedly divorced.

Sam Hunt is recognized as an aspiring songwriter and vocalist. More of a sportsman when he was younger, Sam lost his chance to play professional football due to an injury, so he chose to pursue music instead.

Hunt was a fan of country music, but he distinguished himself by avoiding the stereotypical country tunes in favor of his own sound that hints at R&B and Hip Hop. Shortly after signing a deal with MCA Nashville, he released a four-song EP titled X2C, with the first hit, Leave the Night On, reaching the top of the Country Airplay chart.

The singer's debut studio album, Montevallo, was released soon after, coupled with an acoustic mixtape that peaked at number one on the Top Country Albums chart for 11 weeks. Since the beginning of his career, he has gained notoriety from both inside and beyond the country music world for fusing multiple genres, using R&B, and infusing pop into the songwriting and production of his songs.

Sam Hunt is currently trending on social media after the news of him cheating on his wife got out to the public. Fans online are making memes about him and trolling him for cheating on his wife, also the other side wants to know about the case in detail. Read this article to know all about the full story!

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Here’s the Full Story on Sam Hunt Cheating On His Wife Hannah Fee Fowler

Sam Hunt's (@samhuntmusic) turbulent marriage came to an end when his pregnant wife Hannah Lee Fowler filed for divorce and accused the singer of cheating. Us Weekly reports that Sam Hunt and his pregnant wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, have divorced after nearly five years of marriage.

On Friday, February 18, the 37-year-old country singer's spouse filed for divorce in Tennessee, accusing Hunt of adultery. Fowler said that the Body Like a Back Road singer is guilty of inappropriate marital conduct and adultery.

The couple announced their engagement in January 2017, almost ten years after they initially began dating. But even before the country singer proposed, there was turmoil in their relationship. Before the musician proposed to Hannah, pictures of him with an unknown woman surfaced.

Many people suspected the couple had broken up after seeing the photographs, while others assumed Sam had been cheating on Hannah. Despite the cheating allegations, the couple announced their engagement in 2017. The couple kept their engagement mostly a secret, though Sam did admit during an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show that he proposed while the couple was traveling to Israel.

Sam announced his desire to have children with Hannah in July 2021. The country singer discussed starting a family while appearing on the TC & Dina radio show on KISS Country 99.9 Miami.

According to docs Fowler filed on February 18 in Tennessee and obtained by People,  the 37-year-old Take Your Time singer was engaged in inappropriate marital conduct and had committed adultery. The news was initially released by TMZ. The legal papers, according to TMZ, indicated Hannah was pregnant and was due in May. In the filing, she made claims stating:

The husband is guilty of such cruel and inhuman treatment or conduct toward the spouse as renders cohabitation unsafe or improper.

She is requesting child custody, primary support for the child, alimony, and giving their distinct separate property for each party. Neither Fowler nor a representative for Hunt has responded to the divorce announcement or the cheating allegations.

Of course, there is never a good time to cheat on your spouse, but one would argue that there are some occasions when it is worse than others. Hunt committed a far worse act when he cheated on his wife while she was carrying his child.

We don't know much about Fowler's side of the story as she is such a private person. Hunt, on the other hand, has occasionally provided insight into their relationship through more than simply his music. The feud between the couple rages on with most people being on Fowler's side while some few loyal fans are on Hunt's support.