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Sam Smith Might Currently Be Dating Designer Christian Cowan

By Harper Lee on February 7, 2023
Sam Smith’s Boyfriend in 2023: Sneak a Peek at Who Is the Fabulous Singer Currently in Love With

Sam Smith was recently spotted with designer Christian Cowan and the couple seemed cozy leading the viewers to believe that Cowan is Smith's boyfriend in 2023. Despite it, neither of them has said anything about this. Some people are also wondering if Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn are back together but they were in a relationship in the past and they even got married in September 2017. However, as of 2023, Sam is liked by Cowan and they seem to be in a relationship with the designer.

Sam Smith is an English singer and songwriter who gained notoriety after contributing to Disclosure's chart-topping single Latch in October 2012. They later collaborated on Naughty Boy's La La La, which went to number one in May 2013.

Samuel Frederick Smith was born to Frederick Smith, their father, and Kate Cassidy, their mother on May 19, 1992, in London. Sam Smith has come out as non-binary, and they/them is how the fabulous singer is pronounced.

Recently, Sam Smith made their appearance at Grammy 2023 and their red outfit caught the attention of the public. Now the viewers want to know every single detail about him including his boyfriend in 2023. Well, here's everything we have on Sam Smith's relationship status!

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Sam Smith’s Boyfriend in 2023 Is Christian Cowan Reportedly but Neither of Them Has Yet to Confirm Their Relationship!

Sam Smith's (@samsmith) boyfriend in 2023 is Christian Cowan (@christiancowan) reportedly. The 30-year-old singer-songwriter came out to the public as gay in May 2014 and Smith came out as genderqueer in October 2017. Before Christian, Smith also dated other men including, actor and model Jonathan Zeizel and actor Brandon Flynn.

Sam Smith is a public figure and as you guys may know the public is always interested in knowing about the celebrity's personal life. But Smith tends to keep things private when it comes to their dating life and not many know about their love life. Even yet, it might be challenging to shield oneself from inquisitive eyes as a famous artist. Even though Smith keeps their love interests a secret, they occasionally discuss how they view relationships and fall in love.

In 2023, the 30-year-old singer was seen holding hands with New York City-based designer Christian Cowan on Sunday while out for a stroll, sparking rumors that the two may be dating. The two were captured walking arm in arm as they went through Manhattan's SoHo district, with Smith giving Cowan a kiss on the head.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, Heidi Klum, Cardi B, and Jennifer Lopez have been dressed by Cowan, who is known for his glitzy appearances.

They have been seen together other times as well. Smith reportedly took Cowan with him when the singer recently got a tattoo. Smith and Cowan in their business were featured in a photo shared online by Australian tattoo artist MJ of Markd Tattoo.

Neither Smith nor Cowan has admitted to being in a relationship as of 2023 but according to the speculations, the pair might be dating and they are in a relationship supposedly.

It's not that Sam doesn't talk about relationships, in October, Smith revealed their relationship history and they stated,

I've only had three boyfriends. All of them, equally, were just incredible teachers. And I think that now, it's definitely changed how I am in relationships, because I don't need another person to direct me to me. I direct them to me myself. Because I know who I am. And it's beautiful. Every single relationship is different. Every two people are different. And I think it's just learning your own language together.

Sam Smith came out to the public as gay in May 2014 and at the time they also revealed their relationship with actor and model Jonathan Zeizel but unfortunately, the two didn't work out, and broke up later. When Smith became aware of what the phrase 'non-binary/genderqueer' meant and heard individuals who identified in that way, he realized that it was he and Sam who made the decision to transition their gender pronouns to they/them in September 2019, when they made the announcement that they were non-binary and they stated,

Today is a good day so here goes. I’ve decided I am changing my pronouns to THEY/THEM after a lifetime of being at war with my gender I’ve decided to embrace myself for who I am, inside and out...
Sam Smith was connected to other men as well. Their first boyfriend was 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn (@brandonflynn) and the pair originally became romantically linked after being seen sweetly strolling through New York's West Village. Later, Smith appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show they revealed that the couple was indeed dating. But when it was revealed that the pair had unfortunately broken up in June of this year, people's hearts were devastated.

Despite the fact that neither side has spoken about the specifics of their split, rumors suggest that because they were both so preoccupied with their jobs, things didn't work out. The couple was also married and they exchanged vows in September 2017 but there's not much information about their marriage.

Following Sam Smith's breakup with Brandon, they were liked by Francois Rocci with whom they had been in a relationship. Although they never made their romance public, the couple was seen out on a date and kissing at a table outside of a bar.

Although they appeared to be dating and had a close relationship at the time, little else is known about the couple. According to reports, the 30-year-old singer is currently dating Christian Cowan as of 2023.