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Who Is Tarzan the Travel Youtuber? Find the Physical: 100 Cast on YouTube & Instagram

By Bridgette Dane on February 1, 2023
Tarzan, the Travel Youtuber: An Insider on the Incredibly Talented Physical: 100 Star

Jun Tarzan, the travel YouTuber is a fitness model and internet star who has made a name for himself by advocating for healthy living and exercise. He is well-known for his appearance on the Korean dating show Love Alarm Clap, Clap, Clap, and Physical: 100. The travel YouTuber has a YouTube channel named Modern Tarzan, where he posts Vlogging and Travel videos. Additionally, he owns the clothing brand Fitness Paradise.

Tarzan from Physical: 100 is an American fitness model and travel YouTuber. Jun is his real name, and in addition to filming travel vlogs, he owns the clothing brand Fitness Paradise. He frequently models the products on the brand's Instagram page. He is known as the Modern Tarzan because of his lean physique and long hair. The star was a contestant on the Korean dating show Love Alarm Clap, Clap, Clap. Similarly, he has appeared at Hell Chang, a well-known gym in the United States.

The cast of Netflix's Physical: 100 is preparing to take on a series of incredibly difficult physical tasks. In a brutal new physical competition, the Korean series invites contestants from all walks of life to push their bodies to their absolute limits. The contestants are whittled down to one winner as the challenges become more difficult. That one person will not only walk away with bragging rights about their physique but also with a cash prize worth 300,000,000 South Korean Won (roughly $250,000).

The first two episodes of Physical: 100 are currently available on Netflix. On Tuesdays, new episodes will be released in pairs, with the finale airing on its own on February 21.

The cast is full of celebrities from all walks of life, including professional athletes, special forces soldiers, farmers, YouTubers, and musicians, but only one can be crowned the winner. Hwang Ji Joon, Kim Eun Ji, and Kim Kang Min are some of the faces which you can see on the screens of the show.

Jun Tarzan is no exception to the rule that the last man standing wins the money. He doesn't have a strength-based career like some of the other contestants, who range from wrestlers and MMA fighters to dancers and cheerleaders. Fans are now curious about Tarzan's role in the series, and they want to see more of him outside of Physical 100. Here's the lowdown on the Netflix star Tarzan the Travel YouTuber.

Tarzan the Travel Youtuber & Fitness Model Has Made a Name for Himself by Advocating for Healthy Living and Exercise

Jun Tarzan (@jun_tarzan) is a fitness model and YouTuber who has made a name for himself by advocating for healthy living and exercise. Because of his lean physique and long hair, he is often referred to as the Modern Tarzan. He also posted a teaser for the survival series on Instagram, confirming his involvement. He hopes to demonstrate his strength in the new Netflix series, Physical: 100 which features grueling challenges. He is competing against 99 other contestants for the same cash prize.

The travel YouTuber has a YouTube channel titled (@moderntarzan), where he posts vlogging and travel videos. On the same day he filmed Physical 100, he shared a video in which he visited a hairdresser run by Korean UDT sniper Agent H. His channel has amassed 137K subscribers and 18,364,291 views after posting 253 videos. Tarzan began posting videos on YouTube in 2018, and his hair is no longer as long as it was in Physical 100. He even held a subscriber event for his followers.

Tarzan first appears when he walks into the Physical 100 arena and is later seen in the pre-quest challenge with his arms above the bars. He's become a fan favorite, and his role as Jacob in Twilight has been compared to Taylor Lautner's. Tarzan was immediately recognized by viewers for his appearance on the Korean dating show Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!, where he was seen getting to know Jasmine. Those watching noticed that he was wearing the same t-shirt he was wearing on Physical 100. Likewise, he has appeared at the holy land of Hell Chang, a well-known gym in the United States.

Furthermore, the fitness model's clothing brand Fitness Paradise was founded in 2022 with the goal of creating multifunctional athleisure clothing to improve their customers' gym and workout experiences. He appears to be a resident of Beverly Hills, California. If he isn't traveling the world, the avid traveler has a small dog and spends his time in the gym. Tarzan, who is from South Korea, is very active, whether he is playing basketball or tennis or simply lifting weights. He is always busy traveling the world and visiting gyms in each place he visits, from surfing after a typhoon in China to a European girl teaching him Taekwondo.