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Tina Leung Was the Protector of Her Sisters and the Strong One of Her Family

By Riley Long on January 27, 2023
Tina Leung’s Family: The First Born Paved the Way for Her Sisters to Rise Up

Tina Leung is the family's firstborn and has a close relationship with her three younger sisters, Katrina, Alda, and Tawny. She had an unstable childhood as a result of her father's spending habits and her mother's behavior, which explains why she takes on the role of protector for her siblings. She is currently single and doesn't have a husband.

Tina Leung is known for her daring fashion choices and even altering hair colors. She is an unstoppable fashion force. She has worked with luxury brands such as Valentino, designed for Keds, and is a regular in the front row at Fashion Week presentations. She debuted on the reality show Bling Empire: New York, which premiered on Netflix on January 20, 2023. She also contributes to a variety of popular media outlets, including Prestige, South China Morning Post, and Tatler.

The fashion stylist hopes to showcase her love for AAPI designers like Private Policy by Haoran Li and Siying Qu on Bling Empire: New York. She studied at Bristol University in England before moving to New York City. According to Fashionista, after a few years at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she leveraged her experience into a career of styling, writing, and more, though she prefers not to call herself an influencer.

Tina Leung is much more than a fashion influencer and online blogger with an eclectic sense of style. She is, in fact, a self-assured, fierce, hard-working, intellectual, protective, and self-reliant force of nature devoted not only to her career but also to her family; at least her sisters. For the time being, if you'd like to learn more about Tine Leung's parents — specifically her upbringing, their relationship, and their professional standing — we've got the essential information on Tine Leung's family right here.

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Tina Leung’s Family Had a Strong Female Influence on Her Life: Her Family Includes Her Mother and 3 Sisters

Tina Leung (@tinaleung) was born in Hong Kong on March 27, 1982, to reportedly traditional Chinese parents. She grew up primarily in Los Angeles, California. That's because the family was originally just her, her business executive father, and her mother, Cindy Lo who moved to Orange County when she was two to support the patriarch's work. Tina and her sisters were mostly alone because her father was frequently away. Leung is the eldest of four sisters, and her Instagram feed occasionally features Katrina, Alda, and Tawny.

The second child, Alda (@aldal), works as a Senior Creative Director at Andie Swim. Her responsibilities include coordinating the marriage of aesthetics, logistics, and marketing. Her roots run deep in Hong Kong and Brooklyn. More specifically, she studied Fine and Studio Arts at the University of Southern California before enrolling at Parsons School of Design and receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Tawny is happily married to Julian Chow. Furthermore, the loving couple is blessed with a daughter born in July 2021. Julian, her long-term partner, proposed to her in May 2018. On May 9, the delighted bride-to-be took to Instagram to show off her sparkling ring. The couple decided to marry in May 2019 after being engaged for a year. She now regularly shares adorable pictures on her Instagram account, (@tawlly), giving followers a glimpse of them.

Katrina (@katrinaleuf), the youngest of Leung's siblings, is about 12 years younger than her older sister, Tina. She is the Director of Awards at The James Beard Foundation and has a background in clinical research and performing arts. Her parents moved back to Hong Kong from California when she was one month old. She also mentioned that Katrina was exactly one month to the day as they were driving from the airport to their new home. Sitting on her big sister's lap, she let out her first giggle as she looked out the window at the bright lights.

The 40-year-old model's father was frequently absent because he manufactured baby goods for large corporations such as Evenflo and Gerber, so the four sisters were frequently left to their own devices. The four little nuggets enjoyed baking, riding their Barbie cars and bikes, and rolling around in the grass. Ladybugs and butterflies would also be available for $5. Tina admits that things changed after the family returned to China, but they continued to visit Los Angeles every summer. She also believes that it was on such trips that her love affair with fashion began.

It is important to note, however, that the reality star's household was not stable, happy, or comfortable for the four siblings growing up, and there was no apparent closeness or care from the parents. This was due to a combination of their father's travels, financial distress, and their mother's crazy tendencies, according to Tina and Katrina's accounts in the Netflix original series Bling Empire: New York. Things apparently became volatile when the latter was in the mood to pick favorites among her children; but it was volatile from her side, not among the sisters, and Tina always did her best to shield them.

Tina Leung's father made a good living for himself at one point. He had a driver who also served as a bodyguard. He had a private jet that always flew him first class, but that suddenly vanished. As a result, Leung had to become financially independent in her early twenties. That's when she decided to pursue her dream and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology before beginning her career as an assistant stylist in New York City. In other words, Tina has always served as a protector and paved the way for her sisters, and they are all grateful. Looking at her love life, Tina Leung is single and is yet to be married.