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Tom Segura’s Weight Loss Challenge Is All That’s Being Talked About

By Bridgette Dane on February 6, 2023
Tom Segura’s Weight Loss: Involved in Elusive Weight Loss Challenge, the Comedian Lost 50 Pounds

Tom Segura weighed 255 pounds when he began his weight loss journey after involving in a weight loss challenge with Bert Kreischer in 2017. Since then, he has lost 50 pounds. He overcame all obstacles through dedication and hard work rather than doing a weight loss surgery. He stressed the importance of drinking more water and staying away from sugar. He changed his eating habits and committed to his workout routine.

Tom Segura is an American comedian, writer, actor, director, producer, and podcaster best known for co-hosting the eponymous comedy podcast Your Mom's House with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky. He has performed in shows like Countdown, Instant Family, and 9 Inches. In addition, he has starred in films such as The Mask, Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The podcaster weighed 255 pounds before beginning his weight loss journey, which was quite unhealthy. And now he advises people on how to lose weight. Everyone on the Internet wants to know about Tom Segura's weight loss, diet plan, and workout habits. If you're curious about his transformation, keep reading this article.

Tom Segura’s Weight Loss Journey Is Non-surgical: He Changed His Eating Habits and Stuck to His Workout Routine Religiously

When Tom Segura (@seguratom) began his weight loss journey, he weighed 255 pounds. He has lost 50 pounds since then. He overcame all obstacles through dedication and hard work. However, the podcaster was never aware of his weight & saw his weight as a weakness. There are numerous rumors that Segura underwent weight loss surgery, but this is not the case. He was able to lose all of the extra weight naturally by making dietary changes and sticking to his workout routine religiously. He emphasized the importance of drinking more water and avoiding sugar.

The Your Mom's House alum was publicly involved in a weight loss challenge with Bert Kreischer. They publicly challenged each other. This is why, no matter what happens, he must complete this challenge. It all began with Joe Rogan's show. Tom and Bert challenged each other to a weight transformation challenge, with the loser paying for the winner's vacation trip to wherever he chooses. Similarly, the loser had to shave his beard.

This is something that really works for them. Because if you publicly challenge someone, you must complete it. Then all the excuses and obstacles will fall away from your path. Tom Segura's weight loss journey was a bumpy one, as people saw him go from chunky to skinny and back again. On and off the internet, he has been dubbed the world's most talked-about trainer. Although his main claim to fame is his well-known weight transformation books and DVDs, he also instructs some of the industry's best weight loss training.

The 43-year-old podcaster began making changes to his diet and workout routine in order to lose weight. He avoided sugar, which was the most difficult fence to his weight loss goal. Without a distrust, sugar is poisoned, so he bid it goodbye. He began eating healthy organic foods. His diet consists primarily of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. The standup comedian's plan did not enclose any strict dieting; instead, he began eating clean. He was eating more proteins, fibers, and fewer carbs and fats. He emphasizes regular exercise in addition to a diet plan. He works out four days a week at the very least.

The comedian has a personal trainer and tour photographer, Shaun Nix, with him for the entire journey to keep his health on track. He now works out every day—just it's that the routine shifts depending on what's available in the hotel gym that night. The writer eats yogurt with mixed berries while traveling. He eats omelets with tomatoes and mushrooms, little bacon, and no cheese. Similarly, Tom and Nix make protein shakes or have meal bars at events and eat the same foods. He works out every day while on the road. He probably works out four or five days a week. If he doesn't lift, he tries to do more cardio.

On the other hand, Segura once outlived an overdose because of obesity. He was attending a party in his freshman year in college when his encounter with drugs led him to the emergency room. The actor/director never fails to retell this serious story of how being overweight saved his life in the most hilarious way possible. He recounted this story in the most endearing and relatable way in the Comedy Central show This Is Not Happening.