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Tyler Herro and His Girlfriend Katya Henry Are Expecting Their Second Child!

By Ethan Young on December 24, 2022
Tyler Herro’s Girlfriend in 2022: Uncover the Story Behind the NBA Star’s Tumultuous Relationship

As of 2022, Tyler Herro is in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Katya Elise Henry, a fitness model. In addition, the couple already has a daughter together and is even expecting their second baby. The NBA star has made sure the world knows about his girlfriend and daughter through his Instagram.

Tyler Christopher Herro is recognized as a professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association (NBA)'s Miami Heat. He played college basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats for one year. A go-getter, Herro was named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 2020 after being selected by the Heat in the first round of the 2019 NBA draft with the 13th overall pick. He reached the NBA Finals with the Heat during his rookie season.

Herro signed a four-year, $130 million contract extension with the Miami Heat on October 2, 2022. The young athlete scored 26 pts and hit the game-winning three against the Sacramento Kings on November 2. in addition he set down his first career triple-double on November 27 against the Atlanta Hawks, tallying 11 pts, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists.

Similarly, Tyler also set a career-high with 41 pts on 10-of-15 three-point shooting and five rebounds in a 111—108 win over the Houston Rockets on December 15. He became the NBA's youngest player to record at least 40 pts 10 three-pointers, and five rebounds in a game.

Looking at his successful career, many of his fans and followers have been curious about his personal life. Likely, many people have been interested to know about his current love life and wonder if the NBA player is dating or has a girlfriend in 2022. Here is everything you need to know about Tyler Herro's current relationship status.

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Tyler Herro Has Been in a Relationship With a Fitness Model, Katya Elise Henry, Since 2020!

As of 2022, Tyler Herro (@nolimitherro) is in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Katya Elise Henry. The pair has received a lot of attention from NBA fans. The Miami Heat guard and the Instagram model began dating in 2020 and have been together ever since.

Herro has had a lot of success in his four years in the NBA. In 2020, he reached the NBA Finals and was named Sixth Man of the Year in 2021. On top of that, he recently signed a massive contract with the Heat. In addition, his personal life has been quite interesting. He's been through a lot with his girlfriend Katya, but it seems that they've worked through their issues because they're back together.

Katya Elise Henry (@katyaelisehenry) is a fitness model who began personal training after realizing that her Instagram posts were inspiring people to go to the gym. She formed the website Workouts by Katya where more than 7 million people follow her content, and that number is still rising. She created several fitness regimens, including the 8 Week THICC Challenge. She was a full-time nanny before going viral on social media.

Herro and his girlfriend welcomed their first child/baby, Zya, in September 2021. And a few months ago the Instagram model announced her second pregnancy with the NBA star. Katya admits that dating an NBA player is 'not for the faint of heart'. In addition, she stated that she is not in a rush to marry Tyler Herro.

Recently, the lovers are living happily and enjoying their life together, However, Herro was suspected of cheating on Katya a few months ago when she left a cryptic message on her Instagram handle, implying that the Heat guard was not loyal to her. She wrote,

If you cheat on someone that is willing to do anything for you, you actually cheated yourself out of loyalty.

Though it's unclear what's going on between Henry and Herro, she seemed to have unfollowed the NBA star who was 22 at the time. In addition, Henry seems to have deleted photos of her partner from social media, including one she posted in May to celebrate his Sixth Man of the Year award. Meanwhile, the lovers never addressed the rumors of a split publicly and instead celebrated Henry's pregnancy.

Recently, Tyler Herro's girlfriend was blunt in her advice on dating an NBA player. During an Instagram Ask Me Anything session, someone asked Henry for "advice for anyone who has just started dating an NBA player," to which she replied:  "Aww man, buckle up lol, this life isn't for the weak". Katya, who is expecting her and Herro's second child, gave no further advice on the subject.

Similarly, Katya was asked if the lover had recently discussed marriage, to which she replied:

Marriage isn't something I'm pressed on to be honest.

After the birth of the partner's first child, Zya, it seems that Henry has learned that teamwork makes the dream work with Herro. Now the couple is ready for their second child.