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Tyson Fury Denied All the Speculations of Weight Gain- Here’s the Real Reason Behind His Cancelled Fight With Dillian Whyte

By Bridgette Dane on March 7, 2023
Tyson Fury’s Weight Gain: Fans Speculate That Tyson Fury’s Match Cancellation Is Due to His Physical Transformation

As soon as it was reported that Tyson Fury would not be fighting against Dillian Whyte in 2022, fans blamed his weight gain to be the reason. Well, Fury denied all the rumored and claimed to be in the same shape as he was before. Many people are curious about the 6′ 9ft English professional boxer's upcoming match after his half-brother Tommy Fury was seen in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but it's yet to be announced. 

Tyson Luke Fury aka Gypsy King is an English professional boxer. He was born in the Wythenshawe area of Manchester on August 12, 1988, to Irish Traveller parents, Amber and John Fury. Fury began boxing at the age of ten, and by the age of eleven, he had dropped out of school to focus on boxing and began working as a tarmac driver with his father and three brothers.

Coming from a boxing family, Tyson's father, John Tyson, taught him boxing until 2011, and his uncles Hughie and Peter Fury continued to take him to boxing classes after that. Fury's father competed in the 1980s as a Gypsy, and his uncle Peter Fury is also a former boxer. Fury began his boxing career by competing in local tournaments before moving to national competitions, representing England and Ireland.

In 2007,  Gypsy King lost a double international match against an experienced Polish team, but he won battles in Rzeszow and Bialystok. He also won the title of the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships in 2006 and the ABA Super-Heavyweight Title in 2008. Fury made an appearance on an episode of WWE's SmackDown on Fox on October 4, 2019.

Apart from boxing, Fury released his first official single, a cover of Sweet Caroline on November 11, 2022. Many people are curious about Tyson's life after his half-brother Tommy Fury, was seen making weight for their 185-pound pay-per-view fight on Sunday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. People are interested in learning more about Tyson's weight gain journey. To discover more about his changes in physical appearance, see this article.

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Tyson Fury's weight gain: Tyson was born three months premature and weighed just 1 pound!

Tyson Fury's (@tysonfury) weight gain became news after seeing the training video of the heavyweight champion sparring with Joseph Parker. Some of the people started criticizing him for his physical changes, and some expressed their stress about his health. Well, Fury denied the rumor and called him to be in the same shape he was before.

Tyson had struggled with his weight since birth. He was born three months early and weighed only one pound. Seeing his survival with premature birth, his father chose the name Tyson since Fury was a warrior who survived his preterm birth. He was named after the heavyweight world champion at the time, American boxer Mike Tyson, and his father also expressed his feeling by stating:

The doctors told me there was not much chance of him living. I had lost two daughters in the same way who had been born prematurely

However, after surviving preterm birth, he had to work hard to be wealthy. Tyson represented both England and Ireland, and ever since he started playing for the national team, his every activity has been in the limelight. Fury weighed a career-high 277 pounds in ESPN's 2021 Fight of the Year, a slugfest 11th-round Stoppage of Wilder.

Many people were inspired by Fury's strength after seeing him compete, but when news broke that Fury did not want to fight Dillian Whyte in 2022, they blamed it on his weight gain. Well, after seeing the training video of the heavyweight champion sparring with Joseph Parker, fans assumed he had gained some weight, but he refused to accept the claim and stated:

I don't remember ever looking in shape, They say he looks out of shape! I say I've never been in shape!

Previously, in 2015, Fury weighed more than 400 pounds when he took three years away from the ring after defeating Klitschko for the unified heavyweight title. The reason was later revealed to be that due to consuming alcohol, drug-fueled depression, excessive drinking, and fast food, his physical appearance changed.

At the time, Tyson faced a lot of criticism and confessed that he was manic-depressive, but as he realized his goal, Fury got to work and lost over 100 pounds in preparation for his rematch with Sefer Seferi in 2018. Although the 34-year-old seems to suffer from a lot of consequences, his father, John Fury, always supports his sons, and once during the interview, when he was asked to talk about his son, he stated:

Can I just say one thing on national television. Forget how my son looks, if he trained for the next 10 years his body would be the same, Let me tell you something now, he's as strong as three men. He can run 25 miles like he is, he's a strong man. I'm fat, look here, fat as a pig. Forget shape, because if shape done any good there'd be more bodybuilders winning world titles wouldn't they.

When it comes to Tyson Fury's diet, he typically ate bacon, cheese, and eggs with mayonnaise for breakfast every day. He has also experimented with the keto diet. The ketogenic diet is to encourage your body to burn fat for energy by consuming relatively few carbohydrates and replacing them with fat. Foods that can eat on the keto diet include fish and seafood, meat and poultry, non-starchy vegetables, seeds, eggs, high-fat dairy products, olive oil and other oils, and high-cocoa.