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5 Unanswered Questions From "Virgin River" Season 4 That Will Leave You Desperate for Season 5

By Liam Scott on January 4, 2023
5 Unanswered Questions From "Virgin River" Season 4 That Will Leave You Desperate for Season 5

Ah, Virgin River. The show that has stolen the hearts of romantic drama lovers everywhere. With its stunning California setting, lovable characters, and steamy love triangles, it's no wonder we can't get enough. And just when we thought we had all the answers, season four comes along and leaves us with more questions than a high school philosophy class.

But let's back up a bit. For those unfamiliar with the show, Virgin River on Netflix follows the journey of Melinda Monroe, or "Mel" (played by the always delightful Alexandra Breckenridge), as she starts a new life in the titular remote town. After suffering the tragic loss of her husband and child, Mel is looking for a fresh start and answers an ad for a nurse practitioner in Virgin River. On the surface, it seems like the perfect place to heal and escape the chaos of city life. But as with any small town, there are plenty of complications and drama to go around.

Enter Jack (the ruggedly handsome Martin Henderson), the owner of the local bar and Mel's love interest. With their chemistry practically oozing off the screen, it's no surprise that their relationship is the driving force behind the show. But as we all know, love is never easy, and Virgin River is no exception.

So let's dive into the burning questions we have after that tantalizing season four cliffhanger.

Preacher's Love Triangle

Poor Preacher. Despite being the resident good guy, trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. And when he gets involved with Paige, things only get more complicated. It turns out Paige is on the run from her abusive ex-husband, Wes, and when she accidentally kills him in self-defense, she goes into hiding again, leaving her son Christopher in Preacher's care. But of course, it's not that simple. Wes's twin brother Vince shows up and kidnaps Christopher, leading to a whole mess of emotions for Preacher.

Just when things start to look up for Preacher, he meets Julia, his Aikido instructor, and the two of them seem to hit it off. Finally, it looks like Preacher might get his happily ever after. But then Paige reappears, desperate to get her son back from Vince. Preacher, being the stand-up guy that he is, jumps to her defense and ends up in a violent confrontation with Vince. The question now is, will Preacher be arrested for his actions? And more importantly, who will he choose – Paige or Julia? Only time (and season five) will tell.

The Future of the Medical Practice

Season four saw the introduction of Cameron (played by the handsome and talented Mark Ghanime) as a new doctor at the practice. But from the start, there was tension between him and Mel, with some speculating that he may have feelings for her. However, it turns out Cameron was just looking out for Mel, feeling that Jack wasn't the right guy for her. Things came to a head when Cameron decided to be honest with Mel, leading to a confrontation and his eventual resignation from the practice.

Despite Mel's attempts to apologize, the damage was done, and Cameron left town. With Mel realizing that she's likely to need an extra pair of hands due to her high-risk pregnancy, she decides to resign in the hopes that Cameron will return to the practice. But with Doc nearing retirement and needing to be at home to care for Hope, it's unclear what will happen to the practice. Will Cameron come back, or will we see a new doctor in town?

Melissa's Drug Business

As if small-town life wasn't complicated enough, enter Melissa (played by the talented Barbara Pollard). As Melissa stormed into the lumberyard, she declared to all present that Calvin was no longer in charge and that she was now the boss. This shocking revelation caused quite a stir and left Brady feeling unnerved. Melissa, the new queen of chaos, made it crystal clear to Brady that if he didn't support her fentanyl drug operation through the lumberyard, those he cared about could be in grave danger.

To add another wrinkle to the situation, Melissa just so happens to be the sister of Nick, who we previously saw seal a business deal with Jack. However, it seems Nick is clueless about Melissa's true identity and the lengths she will go to in order to keep her illicit drug trade thriving. Will Melissa be a threat to Jack and his business endeavors in season five? Only time will tell.

Denny's Deadly Secret

In the world of Virgin River, nothing is ever as it seems. Just when you think you have all the answers, a new character shows up and turns everything upside down. Such is the case with Denny, the charming and enigmatic newcomer played by the talented Kai Bradbury. From the moment he arrived in town, declaring himself to be Doc's long-lost grandson, viewers were suspicious of Denny. Something about him just seemed off, and their suspicions were confirmed when they saw him stealing drugs from the practice and snooping around Doc's personal paperwork.

But despite her initial attraction to Denny, Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) becomes confused and skeptical when he keeps her at arm's length. Why is he pushing her away? What is he hiding? As it turns out, Denny's secret is a tragic one. He has been diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, a terminal illness with a life expectancy of anywhere from 10 to 30 years. The drugs he's been stealing are for the pain, and he wants to use his money to pay off Doc's mortgage before it's too late.

It's a heart-wrenching revelation that leaves Lizzie and the audience alike reeling. Will Denny's illness bring him and Lizzie closer together, or will it drive them apart? And will we see a tragic loss in season five? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure – Virgin River never fails to deliver on the emotional front.

The Love Triangle to End All Love Triangles – Mel, Jack, and Charmaine

If you thought love triangles were complicated before, just wait until you dive into the one at the heart of Virgin River. On one side, we have Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), the kind-hearted nurse practitioner looking for a fresh start after the loss of her husband and child. On the other, we have Jack (Martin Henderson), the ruggedly handsome bar owner with a heart of gold. And in the middle, we have Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), Jack's ex-girlfriend.

Sounds simple enough, right? Not so fast. Just when it looks like Mel and Jack are on the path to happily ever after, Charmaine drops a bombshell – she's pregnant with Jack's child. But wait, it gets even more complicated. It turns out that Charmaine is actually pregnant with twins, and Jack is not the father. So who is? And what does this mean for Mel and Jack's relationship?

As with any good love triangle, there are more questions than answers. Will Mel and Jack be able to weather this latest storm, or will it be the final nail in the coffin for their relationship? And what will become of Charmaine and her unborn children? Only time (and hopefully a season five) will tell. Until then, we'll just have to sit back and watch the drama unfold. So, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as Virgin River continues to keep us on the edge of our seats.

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