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Platinum Birthday is Trending on TikTok: What Does It Mean?

By Liam Scott on February 15, 2023
What Is a Platinum Birthday on TikTok? Actual Meaning Explained!

Platinum Birthday has been trending on Tiktok, and everyone wishes to know when their platinum birthday falls. Some have already passed out their platinum birthday while some do not even know what the term refers to. So, what is a platinum birthday on Tiktok?

TikTok is a social media platform with a growing number of users. Initially, the app started as a dancing app where it allowed users to dance to songs with a  limit of 15 seconds. However, with its popularity, the app changed its limit to allow users to make videos of up to 3 minutes. Moreover, TikTok allows users to make informative content, vlog, lip sync on dialogues, and many more. It has also been a platform for many people to raise their voices, showcase their culture, and have allowed people to make money as well. There are many social media influencers who have been making money from their Tiktok content. Are you one of them?

People might not know general information on basic topics but as of now, it is almost unacceptable for people to not know popular Tiktok trends. Every day you scroll Tiktok, you see a new trend, and it's all over your fyp. TikTok is not just popular within the gen z community but there are many millennials who are enjoying the content that the app has to offer, and almost everyone is invested in following the new trends every other day. Recently, Platinum Birthday has been controversial on Tiktok, and everyone is invested to know what the term means. Do you know when does your platinum birthday fall?

What is a Platinum Birthday on TikTok?

Rubbing your fingers on the glass screen and scrolling every 15 seconds, the algorithm of Tiktok has made us so caught that we can't stop ourselves from looking at the other contents consecutively. In today's date, the growing Tiktok community and Tiktok trends are linked to being modernized and up to date. From The Nile is a River in Egypt to You Got Krissed, Tiktok has created myriads of fun dialogues, and trends, and the meaning is confined to just Tiktokers.

The trends are quick as fast-blowing air, and you never know what the trend will be the next day. Recently, Platinum Birthday has been a thing on Tiktok and it's trending everywhere. Do you know what Platinum Birthday is or the video just popped up on your fyp, and you aren't sure what the term actually refers to?

According to the urban dictionary, and the gen z dictionary, Platinum Birthday refers to when you turn the age, the year you were born. To be specific, if your birthday is in 1999 then your platinum birthday will be the year when you would turn out to be 99 years old and that will be in 2098. Unfortunately, only the Millenials have access to celebrating their platinum and not gen z. Not because gen z are cut off from being part of the trend, but for all gen z, their platinum birthday has already passed.

Today, the platinum birthday is ubiquitous, and people are wholeheartedly waiting to make a trend out of it, do you think that by the time millennials will have their platinum birthday, they will survive, or would there even be a thing called Tiktok?

What is Golden Birthday?

The Tiktok community isn't just confined to trending the platinum birthday but rather it has brought exposure to golden birthday as well. Do you want to know when your golden birthday falls and what a golden birthday is? Golden Birthday comes once in a lifetime, and it totally depends on your luck in life if you will be able to cut a cake on your golden birthday.

Typically, it's the birthday when you turn the age that is exactly the same as the date that your birthday falls on. For instance, if your birthday is on 27th March, then the year you will turn 27, that particular birthday will be your golden birthday. Imagine someone's birthdate is on the 1st of something? They already celebrated their golden birthday and didn't even know that the term existed.

What is Silver Birthday?

Silver Birthday might not be a thing in TikTok but it still exists in the real world. Like the word says silver, it typically links to the number,25. So, it is easy to understand silver birthday. When a man or a woman turns 25 years old, then it is claimed to be their silver birthday. You could put up themes of your choice or something that is linked to the color silver. So, have you already celebrated your silver birthday or are you still waiting for it?